Company introduction

We have been exporting castors & wheels and related accessories for more than 20 years, mainly to markets in Europe and North America. We serve as a buyer in China for our foreign customers, and have great experience in providing manufacturing information, sourcing products, bargaining with suppliers, assisting in quality control, collecting products for combined delivery, settling payment etc.


We are also a good partner of OEM businesses. Over the years, we have, along with our foreign customers, developed a lot of new tooling to meet the special requirements of end users.


Individual packaging of our products for retail shops is also one of our main sales activities. We accept special requirements for packages, such as barcodes, small plastic bags, paper boxes, etc.


Quality is our main focus. For the castors and wheels we export to European market, our manufacturers are able to provide RoHS and PAHs product certificates.


Other hardware products, such as handcarts & trolleys, furniture accessories and building materials are also within our scope.


We welcome new contacts and enquiries.